These days, housing seems to take various shaped and sizes. You never know sometimes what will appear up for sale. Recently however, sometimes you come across a house not built my normal materials.

We've seen glass houses, and eco-friendly homes. Sometimes we've seen houses made out of LEGOs. But a shipping container isn't something many think of living in.

At least one that isn't refurbished.

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Enter CargoHome, a business that specializes in making homes out of shipping containers that are no longer used for cargo. It's certainly a unique way of making a home, but CargoHome states on their website:

"In 2016 we built our first tiny house and by fall of 2020 had moved into our current 18 acre manufacturing facility on I-35 just north of Waco. We typically have over a dozen CargoHome units in construction at a time now and are shipping them from coast to coast."

So not only are they tiny, they're easily movable too if you have the right equipment? Now you can always next to the beach can't you? Well I imagine you'd need a permit for that.

It's even something CargoHome mentions in the FAQ section about the houses:

"That’s one of the beauties of container homes–there are trucks, trains and trailers designed specifically for moving containers. They are incredibly strong so moving them does not hurt them structurally at all."

While I don't know if I could live in shipping container home, I could certainly vacation in one. Which according to VillaStay, relaxing in one of these only costs $142 a night!

Let's take a look at home shall we?

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