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As I already shared with yall, last week my wife and I spent a few days camping up in Colorado and it was a LOT of fun and we're already planning another camping trip soon and I encourage you to do the same because this could be YOUR ONLY vacation option during this pandemic.

But let's keep it 100 folks, we're grown, a lot of yall who maybe considering traveling to our nearby northern neighbor are going up there for one particular reason:


That's right, the Weed.

Colorado is one of a handful of states that have approved recreational sales of marijuana which has made it a hot spot travel destination especially for stoners but also for folks who just want to give the devil's lettuce a try.

Before you hop off the plane or jump out of the car looking to blaze up, there's some things you need to know about so you don't get yourself in trouble because YOU CAN STILL get arrested for it. Here's how:

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    You Can't Just "Toke" Anywhere

    Despite the fact that you can purchase and have marijuana on you, the trade off is, you can't just "light up" anywhere especially in public. "Public consumption" such as smoking, eating or vaping is illegal and you can get arrested for it. This includes, sidewalks, parks and amusement parks, ski resorts, concert venues, businesses, restaurants and bars and even your hotel room. Your best bet is a "private residence" but there are some hotels and "AirBNB's" that will let you blaze, just check with them to be sure. Also, its illegal to have more than 1 ounce of marijuana on your person so don't try to buy out the store when you get there.

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    Recreational Vs. Medicinal

    Another thing you will find out is that some cities, including Colorado Springs, have not approved "recreational" sales in their city or municipality. Medicinal sales and stores are all over the state but unless you have a medical marijuana card, they will not sell to you for recreational use. Your best option is check for what shops allow "recreational" sales. While Denver has hundreds of recreational shops other cities are few and far between.

    Bulat Silvia
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    Yes, You Can Still Go To Jail For Weed

    Finally, you're probably saying to yourself, damn I'm ready to go, but hold up chief. Even though its a "legalized" state you can still get locked up if you're being careless.

    Don't "Get High and Drive" because you can get arrested for operating vehicle under the influence of a LEGAL substance just like alcohol and instead of a breath test, police could require you take a blood, saliva or urine test.

    Also, you must be 21 and up to purchase or to even have weed on you and if you even give marijuana to someone under 21 that is a FELONY and could lead to some real jail time for you so if you're not 21 yet, you might want to sit this one out.

    Doug Menuez