The first thing I'm looking forward to after I'm vaccinated is the opportunity to get the heck OUT OF TOWN. I have a feeling the number of people traveling is going to skyrocket this summer and for the rest of this year.

In the past, I've loved to save up and go stay at a resort somewhere by the ocean. Ya know, the kind of place where you literally don't have to lift a finger. You can lie like a vegetable in your beach chair for the entire day--perhaps reading, perhaps wading about in the ocean for awhile, but mainly--lounging. Preferably with not very many other people around.

The problem with those resorts? They can be a little pricey. This past year has been difficult on many a family budget. So that little dream may have to wait a little while longer. But frankly, after twelve months of a pandemic, I am perfectly happy to stay somewhere closer to home that is more affordable.

OK--I think I found our solution. Would you please take a look at this adorable ocean-side bungalow in Rockport, Texas? Look at all of this space! And if you can grab nine of your best friends or family members, the cost of this place is incredibly reasonable.

Plus, something else to love about a jaunt down to Rockport? You'll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy some upscale shopping, restaurants, strolling along the beach or through various parks. There's also a golf course that's just walking distance from this place. Let's take a look:

AirBnB: Rent This Adorable Bungalow in Rockport, Texas!

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