I used to be a truck driver in my life before radio and I am very familiar with the punishing and grueling 8 hour drive on Interstate 10 going eastbound from El Paso to Louisiana. If you don't know about it, this 800-plus mile trek will take you roughly 8 hours to cross and it can be at times annoying and at times exciting if you have great friends riding with you.That's what makes this unique promotion from Popeyes kind of cool if you're taking that journey.

Popeyes Chicken announced that they are opening up a "12-Hour Drive Thru" window for 24 hours from Noon on November 9th to Noon on November 10th in honor of what they called in a press release "the 12 hour marinating process the brand has been using for its beloved fried chicken for over 45 years".

They've set up a real live drive-thru window along I-10 in Fort Stockon, Texas where you can place an order then you DRIVE 12 HOURS to New Orleans to pick up your order at a Popeyes there. The kicker is, your order will be FREE if you make the trip. They are also offering you a chance to win 12 months of FREE Popeyes if you sign up to make the trip ahead of time at www.12hrdrivethru.com.

How much do you "love that chicken from Popeyes"? Willing to make a road trip for it?

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