Today is National Fried Chicken Day in these United States and instead of arguing about 'who has the better chicken' I prefer to take a different approach.

Remember a few short internet years or months back, social media was in a shouting match over "grits" and whether or not you should put sugar or salt on them? For the record, I am firmly in the SALT camp! Well, another debate is starting to rage on National Fried Chicken Day: Spicy Or Mild?

I will make my position very clear right now: I'm a spicy guy. I mean seriously, how are you eating chicken without any spices or seasonings on them? And yes, I am willing to WAIT THE EXTRA 10 MINUTES FOR SPICY THANK YOU!

Now, I'm not a "ghost pepper" spices, hot for no damn reason person, just a little fire and FLAVOR for my chicken please. My kids on the other hand are "mild" people. But just like in the "sugar vs. salt" debate, I have to keep an eye out on you if you don't like spicy chicken. Nothing personal, just business.

So who you with: Team Spicy or Team Mild? Vote below or sound off on our Facebook page!


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