Believe it or not (and most days I'm in the not category), I actually used to date. It's weird to think about, but there was a time when women were somehow convinced to like me. I don't understand it either.

In the early days (high school), we'd exchange love notes between classes. Do kids still do that? Kids, if you're reading this, a note is like a text or a snap, but on paper. You wrote them with pens when you had a break from being hunted by dinosaurs.

Anyway, I found a bunch of notes from my high school sweetheart while cleaning out a drawer a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to read them and look back on more carefree days, and since they were written by a girl who was in my high school friends circle, I called up one of my best friends and his high school sweetheart (who acquiesced to marry him for reasons none of us understand) on Zoom and showed them the notes . We had a nice talk about the girl who wrote the notes and what she's up to these days. (She's happily married, has two kids, and kinda looks like Black Canary from DC comics.)

It was fun to reminisce, but when my friend's wife mentioned that she still had love notes from a guy she dated before him, things got a little awkward. Because, well, we made it awkward. When she and I realized he was a little jealous, we teased him mercilessly.

Hey, that's what friends are for. Besides, I doubt she's going to leave him for a guy who listened to Alien Ant Farm and still wore JNCOs well into the 2010s.

The whole situation got me to thinking about a question for all of you: Would it bother you if your husband or wife kept love notes from people they used to date?

Vote in my poll, then sound off in the comments. I want to know what the good people of Central Texas think.

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