There's many that will argue that Chivalry is dead. I disagree, its not dead, its just been "rebranded" for the new millennium. The days of guys asking ladies out are pretty much gone and have been replaced with "DMs" or unsolicited naked pics. But ladies, we hope you recognize the OPPORTUNITY that lies ahead of you if you choose to take advantage of it.

You've probably seen memes floating around on social media about September being "National Take A Man Out On A Date" Month. While the origins of this "observance" can be traced back to a singles dating site for LDS members, over the last few years, this "observance" has gained more momentum.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this concept. The onus and pressure has always been on us DUDES to ask you ladies out but I can assure you ladies you have a 90 percent chance of getting a YES from a guy if you shoot your shot. Seriously! Guys will tell you, if a WOMAN asks us out, our confidence shoots sky high and he will go the EXTRA mile to make sure you're accommodated. How do I know this? Because my WIFE shot her shot with me, and we've been together ever since. Of course, my story is the exception that PROVES THE RULE.

By asking a man out, YOU have control of the situation ladies, but some may not agree and believe that "old school" tactics still apply.  So let me know what you think ladies. Is it acceptable for women to take a man out on a date?

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