The city of Belton, Texas's city manager Sam Listi was recently informed that there is about to be a huge opening within the ranks of the Belton Police Department and the city of Belton's administration office simultaneously. Groundhog Day 2024 will be the final day on the job for both the Chief of Police and Assistant City Manager Gene Ellis.

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Ellis's career in law enforcement has spanned 34 years with 24 of those years coming as a police chief and the last 14 as Chief for Belton's Police Department. Along his well decorated career as a public servant, Ellis picked up many other job duties and titles, including that of Assistant City Manager for the past 9 years.

Belton Mayor David K. Leigh said,

"We’ve been very fortunate to have Gene as a leader in Belton. He’s going to be deeply missed."

Why is Belton, Texas Police Chief Gene Ellis announcing his retirement?

Chief Ellis said the decision was not easily made as he adores Belton, but the timing has come together, and there is a plan for succession that is now in place to continue moving the city forward. Of Chief Ellis's many well earned recognitions, one of the tops remains the departments entry as Bell County's first agency, and one of the first 50 agencies in Texas, to achieve accredited status from the Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices Accreditations Program.

Chief Ellis will make his final 10-7 and 10-42 on February 2nd, 2024. Read more in this KWTX article.

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