Taking kids on an outdoor adventure is always more fun when there is some type of entertainment to accompany the outing. Whenever my wife Lindsay and I are trying to spend a few hours out with the kids in downtown Austin, Texas, we often find ourselves strolling around Pease Park or Republic Square.

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Now, thanks to the Pease Park Conversancy, the family will be soon be able to go troll hunting next time we are are playing along Shoal Creek. I am not entirely sure if the troll hunting will be satisfying enough or too satisfying.

Massive troll will soon be living in Pease Park in Austin, Texas.

How will troll hunting go at Pease Park in Austin, Texas?

Based on the dimensions of the troll that is to be built, finding the troll will be about as easy as shooting fish in the barrel, or any other idiom you would like for comparison. The troll is going to be 18 feet tall and 15 feet wide according to this KXAN article.

So, you will probably have to rate this one out of five stars as far as difficulty goes, but when little kids are involved, exactly how challenging do you want the troll hunt to be? Guaranteed success sounds like a pretty good starting point when trying to keep the interests of three very young children aligned.

Also, nobody wants to spend all day searching for the perfect family picture. Why else do you think photographers host mini sessions for families?

The troll should be finished by mid-March, then happy hunting.

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