According to Eating Well, Texans should keep an eye out for the ground beef that they are purchasing. As of right now, there is a public health alert on ground beef products that has been sold nationwide. The US Department of Agriculture Food, safety, and Expectations Service also known as the FSIS says the alert is caused by an E. coli outbreak that has potentially contaminated the meat.

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Beef patties and five and 10-pound chub meat have made the list of meats with the potential outbreak. As of right now, there is no recall due to the meat being off the market and no longer being available to purchase, but the ground beef product has been printed and dated April 22 of this year which means Texans could still possibly have the contaminated meat in the refrigerators and freezer so please immediately check for those potential items.




E. coli is a very sneaky infection that usually begins 3 to 4 days after you’ve been exposed to the bacteria. Some people become ill as soon as one day after exposure, and the symptoms usually consist of individuals having diarrhea, which may range from mild or watery to severe, and blood, you might find yourself with stomach cramps that are painful and tender, and also nausea with vomiting. In some cases, E. coli can be very dangerous and even lead to organ failure and death. So we suggest if you’ve consumed any type of ground beef and if you feel any of the symptoms, please contact your doctor, especially if your diarrhea is persistent, or even severe.


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