As Meta moves forward with the construction of a new $800 million data center project in Temple, Texas, their involvement in day to day life throughout Bell County continues to be a generous one. Meta has already made generous contributions to local school districts like Temple ISD back in February at the annual Salute to Business banquet hosted by the Temple Chamber of Commerce.

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Meta has now made a sizeable $25,000 donation to the Bell County Museum in Belton to be used for STEM education. The museum has been offering several programs centered around STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) learning especially during summer camps and with programs like Weird Science, Full Steam Ahead, and STEM Exploration Summer camp.

Why is Meta building an $800 million facility in Temple, Texas?

Well, in case you have not noticed, life is getting pretty busy in Bell County, and as the state of Texas continues to lead the country in gaining new residents, places like Temple provide a very attractive area for expansion with our convenient proximity to Interstate 35. 3 of the 4 largest metros all sit along I-35, and Temple is almost exactly 1/2 way between the southern most metro of San Antonio and the northern most of Dallas and Fort Worth.

It will be exciting to see how the new funding is used to expand the STEM programs and exhibits. The Bell County Museum is open Monday through Friday from Noon until 5 PM, and on Saturdays from 10 AM until 5 PM.

Read more about the donation in this KCEN article.

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