One of the largest ranches in Texas is officially under new ownership. You might recognize it, since the property was featured in the television series 'Yellowstone'.

United Country Real Estate said the 6666 Ranch was sold in its entirety, as reported by KXAS-TV. The 'Four Sixes Ranch' was originally listed by Chas S. Middleton for $341 million.

The final sale price: $320 million dollars, according to the Lubbock Avalanche Journal.

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How Long Has The 6666 Ranch Been Around?

Established in 1870 by cattleman Samuel 'Burk' Burnett, 6666 is one of the largest ranches in Texas, with a total of 266,000 acres spread across four counties.

The three locations that make up the 6666’s operation include:

The property also includes a historic 1917-era home that hosted many visitors, including President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Will Rogers.

How 6666 Ranch Was Named

According to the original real estate listing, Burnett named the land after the first brand he saw on his new cattle. However, a popular Texas legend states that Burnett won the ranch in a poker game with a winning hand of four sixes.

The ranch, also known as the 4-6's, was founded in 1870, and covered multiple counties. It had three divisions - The 6666’s Ranch in Guthrie, with 142,372 acres; Dixon Creek Ranch in Carson and Hutchison Counties with 114,455 acres; and Frisco Creek in Sherman County with 9,428 acres.

The New Owner of 6666 Ranch

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of 'Yellowstone', is now the official owner of the property. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the property on his series, or any of his other current and upcoming shows in the works.


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The 6666 Ranch — better-known as the Four Sixes Ranch — in Guthrie, Texas, dates back to 1870. The ranch centers around a 13-bedroom, 13-bathroom, 13,280-square-foot main residence, which is constructed of quarry rock that was hauled to Guthrie by wagon. The ranch also includes vast, sweeping fenced pastures, farmland, fenced-in pens for cattle, a more recent addition for horses, a water filtration plant that serves the ranch's water needs and more.

There are separate camp manager's homes in both the North Camp and the South Camp of the ranch, which encompasses nearly 225 square miles of land. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is part of a group of investors who recently acquired the property for $192 million, and he has been shooting his new show out there in recent months.

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