A woman alleging her finger was broken by a t-shirt fired from a cannon at a Houston Astros game is suing the ball club for a million bucks.

Jennifer Harughty told KTRK-TV she was attending a game in July of 2018 when Orbit, the Astros' mascot, fired a t-shirt cannon into the stands and hit her at close range. She said the resulting injury required multiple surgeries, and that she's experienced major loss in the finger's range of motion and major impairment.

Harughty's lawsuit was filed Monday. As reported by KHOU-TV, the suit alleges that the Astros organization didn't properly train employees in how to use the t-shirt cannon or make spectators aware of the possible safety risks. The Astros issued a statement in which they said they will continue to use the t-shirt cannon and have no further public comments to make.

I'll let you (and an actual judge) be the judge of whether the plaintiff should get some help from the Astros for those medical bills. In the meantime, I'm going to indulge in some insensitivity and post two things this case reminds me of.

First, the State Farm t-shirt gun commercial that's been making the rounds lately. I don't care who you are - THIS is funny:

Second, worse things have happened when t-shirt cannons were fired into a crowd.

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