​According to FOX 44/KWKT, the Killeen Police Department has arrested a suspect who happens to be in the fifth murder this year. On April 17 a shooting took place around 10 PM in the 900 block of Southside and once officers arrived, they found  Tres-Maurice Carter, a 33-year-old young man with gunshot wounds.

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The EMS tried to perform life-saving measures and Maurice Carter was taken to Carl Darnell Army Medical. Unfortunately at 10:44 Justice Of The Peace Nicola James pronounced him deceased. The police Department did end up arresting a 22-year-old man who happened to be at the scene of the shooting and is now in the Killeen city jail.

According to investigators, this particular shooting was connected to domestic family violence that took place and there is no threat to the community. As of right now, that is all the information we have on this particular case.


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