It's hard to believe 2018 is almost over, and as I reflect on the year that's passed in the blink of an eye, I can't help but think about food.

Sure, I could look back on all the political turmoil, the faux controversies, and all the cultural junk that occupied our time this past year, but YouTube already did that and pissed off the entire internet.

Instead, I'm going to focus on two Temple restaurants I've missed this year: Bosses Pizza and El Chico. Because when the topics of the day divide us, a good meal is what can bring us back together.

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Bosses closed in December of 2017 when the owner experienced some personal health issues. It was a favorite lunch destination for my co-workers and me, and I still miss their chicken and spinach pizza. Bosses was the sort of pizza place that laid the cheese on so thick that you ended up pulling a mile-long string of it with you as you spatula'ed a piece onto your plate. They also had RC Cola on tap, which is a rare and fantastic delight.

But as sad I was to see Bosses go, we got some great news in March when Wes Teeters announced Wes's Burger Shack would be reborn in the building at 1323 S 57th St in Temple, just across from Cavender's. Wes is an incredibly kind-hearted and generous man, and even treated us to free breakfast on his opening day. The Burger Shack is a Temple gem, and we hope you've had the opportunity to eat there.

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As for El Chico, their closing came as a sad shock August. They'd been a Temple fixture for nearly a quarter century. Sure, they were a franchise, but their management staff made sure they felt like a hometown restaurant. They catered our monthly employee appreciation lunches many times, and I always counted on that end-of-the-month fajita chow-down.

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What are some places around Central Texas you wish were still open? Any favorite memories there? Let us know in the comments section.