This past weekend my family and I were at the lake house in Kingsland, Texas on Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, and as we were swimming and fishing, my son and older daughter were having such a great time, they kept asking when can we go camping? Well, after putting in some research, even if you are not into camping, this Sunday is the perfect day to check out one of the 89 Texas State Parks.

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From time to time, the Texas Parks and Wildlife waives the admission charge to their state parks for the enjoyment of everyone, just like they have days were fishing license requirements are also waived. This Sunday, just ahead of Veteran's Day weekend, in continued celebration of our 100 years of Texas State Parks, admission will be free.

How did the Texas State Park system get started 100 years ago?

How often can you get free admission to Texas State Parks?

There are many ways to gain free entry to Texas State Parks from being a veteran or active duty to being part of nonprofit groups. You can also purchase a yearly family pass which makes a great Christmas gift idea for the upcoming new year.

So, no matter if you are into camping or not, this Sunday is the perfect day to check out your favorite state park for free, or better yet, spend some time a new Texas State Park.

Also, just because admission is free, does not mean everything will be.

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