Mama mia! Look at that!

Video captured by a National Weather Service meteorologist in Brownsville Thursday night shows a massive fireball lighting up the sky over the city. It's a short clip, but a powerful one.

The light show came courtesy of the Leonid meteor shower, which peaked on Monday and has continued to put on light show throughout the week. reports that this year's Leonid shower hasn't been a very eventful one, but you can still catch some of the action if you watch the skies each night through November 30.

The comet that causes the Leonids showers passes through the inner solar system every 33 years, leaving behind a trail of rubble and dust that's responsible for the spectacle we see. It was at its strongest in 1998, and has been dwindling since. Still, if you watch the skies you may see some beautiful remnants.

As someone pointed out in the comments of the Twitter video above, you can report a fireball if you ever see one. Doing so can help scientists grow their database of knowledge about meteors and alert them to any potentially significant events that could change the way we see these showers.

I've seen a couple of shooting stars this week, but nothing as grand as a massive fireball. I really hope to see one some day, even if it will probably scare the hell out of me.

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