One of my many jobs was being a rider for Lyft and Uber, and customers would often leave their cellphone in my car.

No one has ever left anything crazy in my car.

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, where 37 million Americans intend to travel, Uber has released their fifth annual Lost & Found Index revealing the items people left behind most often and which cities are the most forgetful.

Three Texas cities made the list.

These are the Top 10 Most "Forgetful" Cities:

Austin, TX
Fort Myers, FL
Nashville, TN
San Antonio, TX
Tampa Bay, FL
Houston, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Kansas City, KS
Charlotte, NC
Sacramento, CA

According to the Index, people are most likely to forget things in an Uber late on a Friday or Saturday night. In general though, we're most forgetful at 8PM, 11PM, and Midnight in particular for some reason. Halloween, New Year's Day, and Mardi Gras apparently make us super forgetful.

This is interesting - the Index lists these items that peak on certain days:

Mondays: Groceries
Tuesdays: Cameras
Wednesday: Cash
Thursday: Birthday cards, gifts, and cakes
Friday: Baby items like car seats, pacifiers, milk, and strollers
Saturday: Jewelry
Sunday: Phones

The Index listed 50 of the weirdest things people have left behind. I'll share a few with you that really stand out.

22 bundt cakes and a pan of macaroni & cheese
FBI bullet proof vest
Rabbit legs
Large painting of Kate Middleton and a small painting of the grim reaper
A prosthetic leg

Seriously, how do you forget your prosthetic leg?!

A mannequin head was also on the list. This one's weird in that it doesn't seem like it would be that weird, yet it is. Does that make sense?

You can see the full report here. It's a pretty fascinating read.

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