Do you remember when Trey Songz got arrested at the AFC championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills game?

You may remember that he was not wearing a mask, and the fans complained to security. That led to him getting into an altercation with police, and you can see video of his arrest here.

Trey Songz is still in the news for a sex tape that leaked, and Twitter is going crazy over it.

(Well, the ladies are going crazy over it.)

Personally, I am not going to watch it, and I feel like artists leak things like this a publicity stunt. Now, in some instances someone might leak a video to try to discredit someone or even blackmail them, but in this case, whether it's good or bad publicity, his name has popped up everywhere on my entertainment news feed.

In this case, Trey Songz responded to the leak on his Instagram page, which hints to me that be may be behind the leak. If he isn't, then he at least has a sense of humor about it.





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By the way, Trey Songz has a new single that we play on our station titled “Back Home” featuring Summer Walker.

I've met Trey Songz a few times in my career, and he has always been feisty little fellow. I saw a video where he jumped off stage with his bodyguard to rough an unruly fan up one night.

I know people change as they get older, so maybe that's different now. As for myself, after watching the arrest video, it seems to me that some things do not change.

But hey, he does come out with hot tracks despite his feistiness and making sex tapes.

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