These are the top 5 most requested songs on MYKISS1031:

Tank - When We 

We figured we'd hit you with the number one song in the country first!


Sza is doing nothing but singing about what women go through EVERYDAY! it's called "Love Galore"  


My goodness!

Talk about a hit that slowly crept up the charts, it's been out over a year and it's definitely still a lot of people's favorite song, it's Daniel Caesar with "Get You" 

This young man turns 20 in February and will be at the H-E-B Center in May. He most definitely has had one of the hottest songs the past 2 years here's Khalid - "Location" 

What can we say about this guy with such a great voice that hasn't been said already?? He keeps hitting us with the greatest ballads it's Sam Smith with Too Good At Good-Byes

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