New Music This Week On MYKISS1031
If you pay attention to the landscape of R&B today, there are a lot of brand new artists in their early 20s talking the music industry by storm!
Chrissy is one of them it's her debut single entitled "Relax" 
If "I can take your song and freak it…
Love and Happiness 2019!
It's back Celebrating 15 years!
The Love and Happiness Show 2019
This year starring Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Fantasia and TANK!
It all goes down at Illusions Theater inside the Alamodome in San Antonio Saturday, February 16th and we've got tickets...
"Love and Laughter"
Coming to Garth Arena in the Bell County Expo in Belton -November 17th get ready for "Love and Laughter" Soldiers Edition- Starring Tank and Avant at the Bell County Expo!
Keep listening to Cortney Hicks from 9 am to 12noon weekdays and Melz on The M-I-C weekdays from 12noon to…
These are the top 5 most requested songs on MYKISS1031:
Tank - When We 
We figured we'd hit you with the number one song in the country first!
Sza is doing nothing but singing about what women go through EVERYDAY! it's called "Love Galore"  
My good…

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