In these days and times, "soundbites" are what we all often hear. We never hear the complete train of thought or the reason for a comment, we sometimes formulate our judgement about someone off a "little" of what was said.

I preface this article with this because social media has been going IN on R&B star Tank's recent comments on Angela Yee's "Lip Service" podcast. First, let's take a listen to the EXACT soundbite that has everyone talking:

Okay, you heard what he said and in the interest of trying to keep this "family friendly" I won't go into great detail. But again, CONTEXT is important and Tank is responding to an analogy with an analogy.

I'm not trying to do damage control for Tank because he has been open about performing for the LGBT community in the same fashion that he does for his "straight" audiences. But we're "curious" to know your thoughts, because in this observer's OPINION....hold up...

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Okay, now, in this observer's OPINION, being curious about one thing doesn't solidify who you are. I tried vegan food once, or twice, or three times, does that make me a "Vegan"? Hell nah, I still love brisket even more.

Now if you want to see and hear the complete CONTEXT of the conversation, here's the complete interview:

We've become more open about sexual exploration in today's society so maybe its time we be more open to this conversation. What are your thoughts?

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