Its really been a great year for R&B music! You have fresh new faces becoming stars this year like H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar while a few of R&B's biggest stars shined brighter like Maxwell and Toni Braxton. Even some of the "old heads" made comebacks like Peabo Bryson.

But in this social media age where it seems like everyone is claiming to be the "King Or Queen" of something without having a proven track record to stand upon, you have a few new jacks trying to stake their claim as the new "King". R&B star Jacquees feels he's holding the crown now.

Jacquees' claim to be this generation's "King Of R&B" was met with resounding criticism online as other R&B stars chimed in to prove otherwise according to The Shade Room. R&B stars like Tank and Tyrese weighed in with their thoughts. Tank pulled up numbers in defense of Usher, R. Kelly, Chris Brown and Trey Songz. He even went out of his way to make sure R. Kelly gets his credit.


Tyrese asks "How Sway?" as he argues that "this generations" R&B crown should go to Chris Brown and Trey Songz based on their track record of hits.

My thoughts on this are pretty simple. There's nothing wrong with being CONFIDENT in your abilities and skills. In fact I encourage that you talk yourself up but always remember that when you decide to make a BOASTFUL claim, you better be PREPARED to showcase the FACTS that go along with your claim. Take it from me, I run into 20 "Jacquees" types that claim they the "King" or "Queen" of something every week with little to no resume to prove it, so don't get in your bag of feelings when we start pulling receipts, either PROVE IT or humble yourself.

Which leads me to ask you: Who is The Current King Of R&B? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page and I'll share some of your answers on the air!

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