This is cool!

Are you worried about your DoorDash driver munching off your fries?

The fine folks over at the company Wing may have something to combat that!

What's Happening?

A company called Wing will be using drones to deliver medicine, food, and household essentials to your place soon. In fact, they're starting off with Blue Bell Ice Cream.

(By the way they assure customers it won't melt. I am wondering how that's going to work on a hot summer day in Texas, but I can't wait to find out.)

KXAN reports that starting Thursday, April 7, drones will be servicing tens of thousands of people in the Dallas Forth Worth area.

Residents in the town of Frisco and the Town of Little Elm will be the "guinea pigs" to test the new service starting this week, and if all works out well, this could be the norm for Texans.

Getting Prepared

According to their website, they will start in the northern part of Texas first, then expand to other parts of the Lone Star State.

The Wing site also promised that they are preparing "to spend the next several months preparing our facilities, selecting our service areas, and getting ready to take flight".

No word yet on how long it'll be until they fly into Central Texas, but we'll keep you posted!

Food Delivery Service Competition

This new service, though in the planning stages threatens food delivery services like GrubHub.

I don't know about you, but if I can get my food fast and still hot and not worry about the driver taking my fries, I will gladly take that option.

Bring on the drones!

4 Youth Football Teams Dominating The CTX

Texas has always been known for football and these Centex teams is keeping the hype alive in our community.

From football camps to team building these organizations are going over and beyond to build strong athletes who succeed on the field and off.

If you are looking for extracurricular activities for your child, checking out these teams are a great start.

Kuddos to all of the coaches, volunteers and parents who help these amazing organizations thrive.

Here Are 6 New Businesses That Opened In Killeen, Texas in 2021

I've watched the local news for a long time just to get in tune with current events weather etc.
Once a week there used to be a food critic who had a feature on the news, and he would visit different restaurants in the city and taste their food on camera.

Tamika, one of our account executives here at the station, saw the same types of food reviews on the news and suggested it would be a good idea that I do the same thing with businesses and restaurants here in Killeen.
And here we are today!
So far, I've visited 5 Killeen restaurants and one out in Temple with 6 different vibes and food choices.

Cab 7 in Killeen, Texas Has A Long, Interesting History Check Out These Pictures

Cab 7 is definitely a nostalgic spot for the good people of Killeen, but there's more history and intrigue than most have probably imagined. To get the details, I spoke with Amy, a Cab 7 employee very familiar with the place's interesting past, who filled me in on some of the details.

In the 1950s through the 1970s, Cabaret 7 was known as a country-western bar for people in the Killeen- Fort Hood area.

For a number of years in the 1980s and 1990s, Cabaret 7 was a very popular place to hang out and shoot pool, which is now known as Cab 7.

She says over the years the club has gone "forgotten" here in Killeen.

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