Texas kids will be able to attend summer camp this year, but many of them will likely have to be tested for COVID-19 first. That's where a new program announced this week by Governor Greg Abbott comes in.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) is launching a rapid COVID-19 testing program for all summer youth camps that're licensed by the Department of State Health Services.

According to KWTX,  employees and campers will have the opportunity for rapid antigen tests on a voluntary basis.

The State of Texas is hoping that the testing program will help camps safely operate during the pandemic by quickly identifying positive COVID-19 cases.

"As normalcy returns to Texas, we must remain vigilant against the spread of COVID-19 by identifying positive cases and mitigating any potential outbreaks throughout the state," Abbott wrote in a recent news release. "The COVID-19 Testing Program for Texas Youth Summer Camps will help camps safely operate throughout the summer by quickly identifying positive COVID-19 cases among campers and staff. I encourage qualifying summer camps to apply for this program so that we can continue to keep Texans safe from this virus."

So, when you're making plans for your kids to attend summer camp, be sure to check to see if they're participating. We all want Texas kids to be able to experience summer camp, because it's a great chance to connect with nature, build skills, and just make fun memories and new friends. It just doesn't hurt to be extra careful with the pandemic still going on.

To find camps licensed by DSHS or to register your camp for the program, click here. 

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