Thursday was another night of music, lots of drinks, walking the streets and FOOD at SXSW in Austin!

But my focus on this particular day of craziness besides trying to catch some of the biggest acts in music performing their hits, was enjoying some of the MANY food options available! So, here's the best damn things I've ate so far at SXSW (because there's STILL the weekend to tackle!)


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    Gus's Fried Chicken

    Let's start with this legendary Austin landmark that I've walked past and heard talked about for years but never tried. I've should have KNOWN what was up because there was line outside of the door waiting to go in. Now of course our initial thoughts are "Its chicken, you really can't screw this up", but MAN, let me just say that I'm mad at ALL MY AUSTIN friends for not telling me about their perfectly made spicy chicken earlier!

    Gus's Fried Chicken
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    The Notorious P.I.G. At MTV Woodies

    Later on in the evening, I went over to The MTV Woodie Awards to check out Jidenna and rapper Rick Ross and was blessed to try out their food options and this was the standout! The Notorious P.I.G. was a bratwurst covered in mac and cheese then drizzled with BBQ sauce THEN throw on jalapenos and this DELICIOUS monstrosity had me ready to party for the rest of the night!

    The Notorious P.I.G.