As I've always told you before in this series, what makes the CTX so great is the melting pot of food and flavors from everyone everywhere: German, Hawaiian, Korean, Mexican, Cajun, East Coast/West Coast, we have it all! But this small building that sits on the edge of a old Dollar General strip mall parking lot in Killeen is creating some amazing flavors "Straight Outta Cali".

California Cravings is located 3106 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd. in Killeen, this small spot is not for you "fancy" folks, pull up and be ready to order once you get through their menu which will have you drooling for everything on it. From their street tacos, loaded fries and burritos, authentic west coast snacks like sour cheetos, to their delicious aguas and smoothies, this will quickly become your new snack spot! Don't get me started on their al pastor street tacos on Taco Tuesday! If you're in the area near Killeen High School, you gotta swing by because word is spreading fast around the city about these folks!

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