Coming off a successful performance at ACL Fest last weekend in Austin, the world is starting to get familiar with one of R&B's brightest and newest stars R.Lum.R (pronounced R. Lamar).

His smash hit debut single "Frustrated" is rapidly climbing the charts after blowing up on streaming service Spotify with over 22 million streams, which also earned him an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and a national tour which will see him return to Austin next year for SXSW. His recently release EP "AFTERIMAGE" has received rave reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, NPR Music, the New York Times, Time Magazine and others.

R.LUM.R is a classically trained guitarist who speaks Japanese and whose influences range from D’Angelo and Dave Brubeck to Massive Attack and Prince which makes him and his music much more deeper than the "R&B" category many have put him and his music in.

Melz On The MIC got R.Lum.R on the phone to talk about his smash hit single "Frustrated" and the meaning behind the song, how he came up with his unique moniker and what's on the horizon for this rising star!

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