Back in 2011, I was running around Austin during the annual SXSW festivities collecting footage for my web series HotBox254, I got my first glimpse of Donald Glover - who at the time was well known as one of the stars of the hit TV show "Community"- making his way through the music scene as Childish Gambino.

At time I was hearing good things about his then mostly "rap" persona and it just so happened that the show that he was opening up at, had a few local acts that I knew performing so it was no brainer to go check out his show. I must admit this: I Hated It.

I don't know if it was the performance, the music, or the fact that I was exhausted from a long day of running around Austin and couldn't take another second of his rhyming every other bar of his songs with the "n-word" but I couldn't take it anymore and left the show early.

Which makes watching him rise to the top of the entertainment industry even more fascinating. Over the years, besides his acting credits, he's a Grammy winner and has the second season of his Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning smash hit TV Show "Atlanta" premiering Thursday.

His recent interview with The New Yorker is a great read and gives great insight into his work ethic, his past work as a music artist, hard truthful look at race in Hollywood and what he has planned for the new season of Atlanta.

I have to say that most genius is misunderstood and I certainly can admit that I misunderstood his vision, but I'm glad to admit that I'm with it now.

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