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Legendary rapper, actor and businessman Ice Cube has been the subject of a TON of backlash recently after it was revealed that he was working with both the Biden and Trump campaigns to endorse his "Contract With Black America". If you've never read it or seen it before, CLICK HERE to read it in its entirety before we move on.

Cube has been no stranger to controversy but the backlash he's receiving is from mostly the Black community who not only holds Cube in high regard for his work in entertainment, but his consistent stance and desire to uplift the black community. The main reason folks are upset is because Cube revealed that when he presented the CWBA to both campaigns, the Biden campaign told him that they would review after the election while the Trump campaign announced that Cube's plan was the basis of its "Platinum Plan".

But once again, in most cases involving this current president, any African American of influence that even says "Hi" to the Trump campaign is grounds for cancellation which is unnecessary and speaks to a bigger problem we have: Instantly slamming doors on people who we don't agree with.

But what if I told you BOTH parties tried to use Ice Cube to their advantage and he was smart enough to not be played by either side?

According to Politico, Cube has been behind the scenes since this summer, working with BOTH campaigns to adopt his CWBA which he believes will uplift the Black community economically. But both campaigns clearly only saw Cube's attempts to bring about change as "an endorsement" or photo op for either party, which he has been loud and vocal about not supporting either one.

“Every side is the Darkside for us here in America,” he wrote. “Our justice is bipartisan.”

We've seen this before when Steve Harvey went up to meet with the POTUS after he got elected. Just like I defended Steve then, I'll defend Ice Cube for this reason: If you are offered a seat at the table of change, you have a duty and responsibility to at least LISTEN and SEE what they are talking about and offering.

What the Biden/Trump campaigns have to realize and recognize that they don't need to talk to RAPPERS, ATHLETES AND ENTERTAINERS about how to fix problems in the black community. How about you talk to the BLACK BUSINESS OWNERS, BLACK POLITICIANS and others who are doing the actual work in our communities to find out how to fix things. We are so much more than "entertainment". I find THAT fact more insulting than anything else in my opinion.

But we shouldn't knock Ice Cube or any Black person, that is willing to step up to the front and say "I have an idea to help us all" no matter what. At least they are working and not offering lip service like so many other "leaders" have done in the past and that is the key to bringing about real change.

NEITHER party has had our best interest at heart if you want to be perfectly honest so the change has to start on OUR level. Please get your early vote on this weekend and remember this: Agree to Disagree, but don't disconnect.

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