OPINION: I love being from the South and especially being from the great state of Texas. But I do get a little annoyed when people bring up serious situations like racism, and a lot of people act like it no longer exists.

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Racism is definitely alive and well. Unfortunately, I see it all the time in the city I live in. I'd say I encounter it at least twice a week.

Is everyone in Texas racist? Absolutely not, but let’s acknowledge the elephant that's definitely still in the room. I came across this very interesting TikTok from a trucker who I guess has had his fair share of racist encounters in a town he felt was less than hospitable.

@tittyboi81 #SundownTownIn2022 #GetOut ♬ original sound - Tittyboi


I know there's always a chance someone on TikTok or other social media is making something up or exaggerating, but it's also naïve to think there aren't still communities that haven't yet joined the rest of us in modern times.

I don’t think that this story was meant to scare anyone, but it definitely alerts and allows Texans to see what’s possibly going on in other parts of our state. We’re all aware of how ignorant and disgusting racism is, and no one deserves to be at the receiving end of it.

Society's made a lot of progress on this issue over the past few decades, but we all still have a responsibility to teach our kids to judge people based on their character, not the color of their skin. No one wants their community to be known as a "sundown town".

At the end of the day, it's all about treating everyone with dignity and respect.

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