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Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday reversed his own "executive order" which called for any business that violated the COVID-19 "stay at home" order to be subject to fines and imprisonment after Dallas Salon owner Shelly Luther was ordered to spend 7 days in jail and pay fines as part of her violating the state's order.

Luther's "cause" has been taken up by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and others who are calling her a "hero" for standing up to the government. The normal "Law and Order" crowd suddenly has an issue with the Governor's executive order designed to protect and limit the spread of COVID-19.

What Governor Abbott has done has set a dangerous precedent because it shows how quickly the "law" can be changed if folks aren't happy but also showcases another point: The hypocrisy of how laws are applied to people in Texas and in America...if you fit the into the "right" category.

For example, have you heard of the cases of Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia and Brenda Stephanie Mata? CLICK HERE to read their story but in short, these ladies were ARRESTED after an UNDERCOVER STING was created to arrest these ladies for providing cosmetology services in their home...THREE WEEKS AGO.

Where was all the energy and hoopla behind these ladies "just trying to feed their families?" I didn't see nor hear a protest about it, but many consider "Shelly" to be a modern day "Rosa Parks".

No, Shelly Luther is a criminal who violated the LAWS of the state of Texas. Time for a civics lesson. There are 3 BODIES of Government in Texas, Judicial, Legislative and Executive kids. Governor Abbott's executive powers allows him to order state agencies to enforce his orders on businesses who don't follow the LAW. But some are arguing "he didn't pass a law, he passed a statute so therefore its not a law". Let's look at the definition of "Statute"

Statute: a written law passed by a legislative body.

Governor Abbott represents the EXECUTIVE BODY that passed said law by powers given to him by the Texas Constitution. But besides that, with Shelly Luther's open flaunting of the law, and Abbott's quick reversal, the precedent has been set that we should all just IGNORE THE LAW and DO WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT TO.

This pandemic has exposed a lot of flaws in "conservative ideology" if you notice. Folks are protesting being told to stay at home for the good of public health and safety, but had a problem with African Americans protesting police violence against unarmed minorities.

How about this one "Its my body my choice, liberate us and let us get back to work"? Well, we shouldn't hear anymore objections to a woman's right to CHOOSE right? Mad because Costco and other stores are REQUIRING YOU TO WEAR A MASK? Well, your "business owners can discriminate based on religious beliefs" argument just sailed out the window.

So why am I singling out this case? Well for one, Shelly could have done like THOUSANDS of other business owners have done and ADAPTED. I know for a fact salon owners turned to making and selling masks to clients, a few did home visits and others asked their clients to pay in advance of services. She could have done any of those but instead she choose to flaunt the law.

I want you to read Governor Abbott's "executive order" that released Shelly Luther and the "Laredo Ladies" and read it very carefully:


Notice he makes it a point to showcase Shelly Luther and labels the Laredo ladies as "other Texans". Look I know you "conservative folks" don't have a lot to look forward to with Mr. "Inject Disinfectant" in the White House, so I get that you need a Shelly Luther to ENERGIZE yall heading into election, but once again, the stunning hypocrisy of how quickly change can be made for some and not all is really something to see and behold. And truly telling.


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