I was surfing the world wide web (yeah I know pretty cool) and I saw a post being shared about how in 2020 most major holidays fall on the weekend. People were acting as if this was a good thing when the fact is it is NOT! It is actually a horrible thing.

The fourth of July being on a Saturday just means you can barbecue, love America and drink on the weekend, you'd already be doing that! Plus you lose that extra day off in the middle of the week.

Christmas on a Friday is better than a Saturday or Sunday, because you at least get an extra day off, but I love that island break. If it's on a Thursday you either go back to work for just one day or have an even longer weekend. I'm thinking people, I'M THINKING AHEAD!

2020 Halloween is on a Saturday, that's cool. Valentine's day on a Friday, I couldn't care less.

So my message is to think about the severe ramifications of the timing of holidays before you go around sharing stuff and giving it a smiley face or thumbs up. Life or death stuff people.


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