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As this election FINALLY drags towards its....end (I pause because at this point, we're all tired but also aware that whatever the result, it will be contested and dragged out longer so there's that) you would think that after having this process for centuries, things would get easier and better in terms exercising your right to vote.

It hasn't.

In a move surely coached up by party leaders, and totally ignoring the will of the PEOPLE, Governor Greg Abbott ordered counties to stop accepting hand-delivered absentee ballots at more than one location, according to NBC News.

Basically, Abbott just made it HARDER for Texans to vote. Now before you knee-jerk react to this and think this is a "partisan" piece, this move will affect ANY VOTER no matter the party and you should be concerned as a voter.

Abbott is claiming "election security" as the reason despite the fact that there has been next to ZERO cases of any election fraud in Texas. Of course, this is towing the party line being served by the President who has called election integrity a concern but yet had 3 years to fix the issue and didn't.

Fun fact, the President's own integrity commission uncovered no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud according to the Associated Press.

Before I move on, yes, I'm aware that the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton PROUDLY proclaimed they arrested 4 people on election fraud in ONE of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOUR counties from an investigation that started in 2018. But of course the timing of that arrest is weird because:

 Republican Texas state Representative Jay Dean announced an investigation into the suspicious ballots on May 23, 2018. At the time, he said the probe would take three to six months. - via Newsweek

But, you're JUST now hearing about it. I've been observer of politics all my life and I know a "PR campaign" when I see one.

But besides that, let's stay focused on how this affects YOU.

Due to the pandemic and issues with the postal service, voters from BOTH sides have expressed a desire to use drop-off sites to ensure that votes are counted while avoiding the possible crowds on Election Day. But the Governor, once again, chose "party" over "the people".

Consider for a second that Harris County, basically the Houston Metro Area with millions of voters, went from 11 drop-off locations for absentee ballots to ONE due to this order. Meaning that potentially MILLIONS of voters will have to DRIVE to ONE location to make sure their vote counts. This will more than likely discourage those who don't have a means to deliver their ballot from voting...and no matter what side you're on, that's bad news.

And maybe that's the goal right?

There are some that will tell you that "voting doesn't matter" but I ask this question to you, "If it didn't, why are they making it HARDER for you to do it?"


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