I’m so happy to be announcing that on September 1 the Arm Forces Natural Hair And Health will be announcing the first Family Fun Festival in Killeen, Texas. If you know Luvina Sabree, you know she is all about conducting events office central Texas that are not only educational but a good time for everybody in the family. The first annual family fun fest will take place from 5 PM until 10 PM at the prestigious Killeen Civic Center located at 3501 S. WS Young.

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This event will take place indoors and will feature exciting activities, and delicious food from food trucks, there also be fun, tournaments, competitions, live music, and so much more. This amazing event is supported and part of the City of Killeen, Texas Municipal Hotel Occupancy, Tax Revenue, and other funding sources. I would be lying if I said, I was not super excited about this event, Killeen needs more events where families can come together, and truly enjoyed themselves and not have to worry about long lines or even being outside.


Luvina Sabree
Luvina Sabree

The Family Fun Festival tickets are going to be five dollars r 18 and children under are free just go to www.familyfunfesteventbrite.com. If you’re wanting more information about the event itself or are even interested in conducting an interview just contact Luvina Sabree. Let’s get ready to have some fun in Killeen at the first annual Family Fun Festival.

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