If you've ever been tubing down the Comal River during the summer then you know that it can get pretty wild, pretty fast out there. It's well known that folks will spend the entire day consuming adult beverages while floating but as always, once the drinks kick in, rules go out the window.

Which makes this video that's gone viral so hilarious because once you forget about the protocol you have to follow on the river, the police will be more than happy to remind you but if you think fast, you can at least salvage your good time.

According to WFAA and KENS, Steven Perez from San Antonio spends every Sunday floating down the Comal River near New Braunfels with his friends. Perez does know that the Comal River has a ban on glass, Styrofoam, and disposable containers on the river and having said items in your cooler could earn you a hefty fine and police dumping out whatever you have in those containers. But Steven didn't let that stop him and his buddies from doing their thing.

In a video Steven posted to twitter that has since gone viral, as the police proceed to confiscate and dump the liquor out his cooler, Steven and one of his buddies sneak up behind the officer and catches the some of the drinks, one in a cup and the other in his mouth.

While it was all in good fun, Perez and his buddies still got ticketed for having the containers on the river. Police in New Braunfels are having fun with the video as well, using it as a reminder to come prepared and follow the rules on the Comal River.


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