Some ideas are better left alone aren't they? We've seen many ideas that we've all scratched our heads at. This one however just doesn't...seem to make any sense.

Alas, KENS 5 in Fort Worth reports that an idea that most of the population wouldn't probably think to put together. Normally, hot dogs and alcohol work together as a pair.

But it looks like one brewery in Texas is taking that idea to a new level. By combining the two together in a drink. Bearing the name "Glizzy Seltzer," it's set to debut during the Glizzy Fest, an event celebrating none other than hot dogs.

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First off, who knew there was an event celebrating hot dogs in such a way that didn't just involve an eating contest. Second, for those who think they're joking, they certainly aren't with this post to their Facebook:

Thirdly, I won't be trying this that's for sure. I even asked a coworker if they would try it.

I think the no they yelled rattled the building to be completely honestly.

And this goes back to my original thought when I saw this, "who thought this was a good idea? Didn't anybody learn from New Coke that some ideas might only seem good in thought?"

Regardless, it's too late to turn back now. This beverage is going to given to those willing to try it. The brewing company also hasn't just tackled a weird pairing such as this.

They've also made alcoholic drinks tasting like barbeque sauce and sour pickle, according to the article.

If you're like me, I think I'm going to stick watching hot dog eating contests, like the one in Belton.

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