Beautifully shaded swimming holes, leisurely Main Street, and a time machine to the old west are just a small sample of family fun you can enjoy in the most underrated town in Texas according to this Cheapism article. The most surprising part of being underrated is this gem is no more than an hour's drive from two of the four largest cities in Texas.

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The part that is not a surprise is once again how the best places in the Lone Star State are where Central Texas and Hill Country come together. With the exception of a beach, it is safe to say this place has everything you could possibly want in a Texas getaway.

What makes this the most underrated town in Texas?

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Google Images/Canva

You have nearly endless places to stroll, shop, and sightsee all within a small town that boasts barely 2,000 residents. There is no exclusivity to any of the best places, and the ones that are not free barely charge anything to explore.

This Texas town has long been a refuge for therapeutic reasons.


Jacob's Well Natural Area has long been a featured destination for people seeking rejuvenation in the artesian spring fed pools. Swimming is only allowed May through September, but there is another swimming area that might even be more fun.

Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberly, Texas is a total treasure.

Beautiful natural scenery and plenty of swimming options are nice, but don't forget about traveling back to the 1880s when you visit Pioneer Town.

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