You learn something new everyday. I admit I don't go to any "gyms" or even workout for that matter but surely I know I'm not the only that would think that a gym named "24 Hour Fitness" never closes right? Well I was wrong and one man in Spring, Texas learned this lesson the hard way.

According to KTRK ABC 13, Johnathan Santos was working out in a 24 Fitness location in Spring on Friday evening when he says he was in the locker room when an employee was doing his final walk-through. He said the employee acknowledged his presence but when he went to leave, he found himself locked inside for over 25 minutes until he had to call another 24 Hour Fitness location that was ACTUALLY OPEN 24 HOURS.

Apparently, Santos says that when the employee returned he said he didn't offer an apology and says he told him "Hey I told we were gonna close".

I'm still baffled though, why call it "24 Hour Fitness" if you're gonna CLOSE? Shouldn't it be "12 Hour Fitness" or "18 Hour Fitness". They might want to take a look at that.

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