We told you earlier this month that Killeen IGA Foodliner would be closing at the end of the month but it seems that the end came faster than expected.

I drove out to the location on Rancier Avenue to check on things and noticed that the signs were off the building and that they had been thrown onto the ground and were still laying there. It already gives the location an "abandoned" feel.


As many residents in the area around the store begin to figure out where to shop, the shelves were cleared out and looks like some "tear down" work was already underway on the inside.


The news of the store's closing were met with mixed reviews on social media. Some folks were saddened by the loss of one of the few remaining locally owned grocery stores and the prospect of the North Killeen area becoming a "food desert" while others weren't surprised by the store's closing due to its prices and the state of decay the store has fallen into over the years.

Either way you feel, it was a good run for the Rancier location and there are city officials and community leaders working on figuring out how to return business to the now vacant location.