With the recent closing of Richard Rawlings Garage restaurant in Harker Heights, its pretty safe to say at this point that the location at 401 West Central Texas Expressway has not the best of luck.

When we posted about its closing on social media, the main consensus we received was "good riddance" as many of you either never ate there, didn't like the food or described a bad experience at this location. If you remember, the location started out as a "Twin Peaks" restaurant before abruptly closing a few years before Rawlings picked up the location. So this location seems to have a string of bad luck, so let's see if we can change that energy.

We ask you Central Texas, what would you like to see replace Richard Rawlings Garage? Another restaurant, maybe a small local restaurant that needs more space or a big national chain that we're missing here in Central Texas or does it need to be a restaurant at all?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments and we'll share your answers!

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