2020 has been plagued by so much negativity, and a DJ at one of our sister stations in Abilene wants to help do something about that.

Frank Pain's 'Ride for Change' is an 11-city ride across Texas (with a visit to our neighbors in Oklahoma) to spread a message of positivity and optimism while establishing and raising money for minority scholarships.

In the video above, Frank talks about what made him want to do this, why it means so much to him, and why it should mean something to you. The ride isn't just about raising money for scholarships: It's about reminding us all of what we have in common as Americans, even when we've convinced ourselves that we're so divided.

One of the stops along the way is right here in Killeen-Temple. Frank will be at Bell County Motoworks (3925 S General Bruce Dr. in Temple) this Saturday, September 19.

Bell County Motoworks in Temple
Bell County Motoworks in Temple

We'll be broadcasting live from Noon to 2PM at Bell County Motoworks so Frank can tell you all about the 'Ride for Change' and how it can benefit our community.

His goal is to raise $11,000 total - $1,000 of which will go to a scholarship in each stop along his route.

What's great is that you can give any time from anywhere. We know family budgets are tight right now, but if you'd like to contribute to a scholarship to be awarded to a Central Texas student, just use the GoFundMe link below.

"After witnessing many negative and hate-filled acts that left me with a hurt heart, I felt something had to be done to swing the pendulum back to the positive side of things," Frank writes. "I was just as much a part of the problem as anyone. It seems we’ve come to the point where a simple disagreement results in losing life-long friends and acquaintances. So, I took a step back and realized something had to be done. As the saying goes “Be the Change You Want to See in Others”, so, now is the time to put action behind the hashtag #BeAGoodHuman."

It's hard to say if we've ever been so politically divided in modern times, but there are fundamental things that we have in common and should celebrate. It's time to start listening to each other again. That's what the 'Ride for Change' is all about.

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