One of the easiest gigs in TV in my opinion is being a TV Court Show Bailiff. Your main function is to pass paperwork from the participants to the judge and occasionally tell folks to calm down or escort them out of the room.

Renard Spivey had one of these gigs as bailiff on the TV show "Justice For All With Judge Christina Perez". Spivey was also a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff's Office and he's making headlines not for his work as a police officer or as a TV star but for something much more sinister.

According to CNN, Spivey has been charged with murder after his wife was found shot twice in their bedroom closet on Sunday morning. According to reports, Spivey called 911 to report there had been "shots fired" after an argument with his wife. Police went on to say that Spivey told them that he and his wife had been "tussling" with the gun and he accidentally shot her. Spivey was also shot in the leg and told police his wife had shot him.

The victim's brother claims that the couple had been fighting over possible infidelity and Spivey's alleged abuse of steroids. Spivey was booked into jail on Monday night and was expected to be released on $50,000 bond but at the time of this article, its unknown if he has made that bond and been released. Spivey is expected to return to court on Friday for his arraignment.

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