A student athlete from Cedar Park, Texas was murdered in Natchitoches, Louisiana and it has understandably turned his family, his football team, and the whole university upside down. Thus far in the aftermath of the shooting death of Ronnie Caldwell Jr., 21, two people, including a teammate, have been arrested for various charges, but none of those charges are related to Caldwell's murder.

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What do we know about the events leading up to the death of Ronnie Caldwell Jr.

According to Caldwell's father, Ronnie had recently been moved to a new apartment due to mold being discovered at his previous residence. Shortly after being moved, Caldwell told his father that his new roommate, identified as John McIntosh, pulled a gun on him just days before he was murdered.

What was the response of Ronnie Caldwell Jr.'s father to a gun being pulled?

According to the video, Caldwell Jr.'s father pleaded with Northwestern State University's Head Coach Brad Laird to move his son and keep him safe until he could get there over the weekend. Caldwell Jr.'s father never saw his son alive again.

What is being done about the alleged missteps of the university and coaching staff?

The Caldwell family, from the Austin, TX area, held a press conference and have retained a law firm from Houston, TX with intentions of filing a lawsuit naming multiple defendants.

How are Caldwell Jr.'s teammates and university taking the tragedy?

At this point, counseling is available, the football team has canceled their season, and the Coach Laird has resigned. You can read more in this ESPN article.

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