The decriminalization of marijuana has become a major hot topic as of late, as states across the country including Texas are looking into legalizing the plant. While polls indicate most Americans want marijuana to be legalized, it continues to be illegal in most states and some folks are taking drastic and outrageous measures to demand that the laws get changed.

We take you now to Wilson County, Tennessee, where we let WTVF-TV explain what happened:

That's right folks - dude lights up a fatty in the court room. On the one hand, you gotta respect the "DGAF-ness" he exhibits. At the same time, stare in amazement at the stupidity.

According to WTVF, Spencer Alan Boston is the man in the video blazing the sticky in the court room, and the reason he was in court was due to a marijuana possession charge. To the shock of everyone in the court, Boston was already "possessing" some weed in court.

The sheriff says Boston approached the bench to discuss his sentence. That's when he pulled the marijuana from his pocket in front of the general sessions judge, lit it, and as officers rushed through the cloud of smoke to take him into custody, he made a statement to those in attendance along the lines of "we deserve better," referring to the legalization of marijuana.

Well, for his trouble, Boston was slapped with a SECOND Marijuana possession charge and received 10 days in jail for contempt of court.

And marijuana is still illegal in Tennessee. Nice try, though.

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