Did you know that if you served in the military and reside in Texas, you OR YOUR KIDS could go to college tuition-free?? It's called The Hazelwood Act. A lot of veterans here are aware of it, but there are some who are unaware that it can be used for your KIDS tuition as well! Here are a few more details!

Hazlewood waives tuition and most fees, up to 150 credit hours according to KHOU. It doesn’t cover housing, books, or supplies. Veterans or their dependents can apply for Hazlewood if they served at least 181 days (or about six months) in the military, not counting training. Veterans must have enlisted in Texas, have lived in Texas when they entered the service, or have been a Texas resident at the time. They must have been honorably discharged.

You can only use the Hazlewood benefits if you have already exhausted your federal education benefits, like the G.I. bill. Your children can qualify to use the benefits as long as they are Texas residents and are no older than 25 on the first day of the semester. Students must also maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for undergraduates, and 3.0 for graduates.

For more information on how to apply CLICK HERE!

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