There are a lot of colleges in Texas. Forgive the obvious statement, but with a state as big as it is, it isn't surprising. It does stand to reason that with so much ground to cover, large schools are also in the cards.

As time goes on, things change around every college campus. From buildings to even names of the school. For example, the University of Texas was changed to the University of Texas at Austin.

Most of the time, we know when the changes are coming. Other times it's a complete surprise. Like this change that has happened to Texas State University, which must have been a complete to everyone, including the staff!

So what's the new name?

Now this is certainly a change that some might not approve of, but this might get some new students to the campus.

Obviously I joke, because I know this is just standard college screwing around. This also reminds of a tradition at Georgia Tech they used to steal the T off of the Tower on campus. Thankfully that tradition was stopped, but this makes me did they put the letters and get them to hold that way?

Also, will we ever know the person or persons that did this? How did they get the idea to switch them around? I mean they had to at some point examine what was holding the letters onto the sign.

Regardless, whoever you are mystery sign changer, hopefully the school just laughs this off instead of punishing you too severely.

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