While the rage in America right now is "plant based meat" and "impossible burgers", researchers at Texas A&M say that this GENUINE MEAT is healthy for you: Brisket.

I knew it.

According to Wide Open Country, Texas A&M researchers reports that brisket contains  high levels of oleic acid which produces high levels of HDLs, the "good" kind of cholesterol.

Oleic acid has two major benefits: it produces HDLs, which lower your risk of heart disease, and it lowers LDLs the "bad" type of cholesterol. Researchers went onto say that this type of acid can be found in ground beef as well.

So while you wait in long lines all day to a buy a burger that is "allegedly" good for you and made of "plants" (you quit REAL MEAT to eat FAKE MEAT?), I'll be following the wafting smoke pit trails of the delicious grill masters here in Texas and get the real HEALTHIER option.

Sorry vegans.

As a matter of fact, here are some great places you can score BBQ thanks to my "Best Damn Thing I Ate" series!

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