When I first heard of this story the first thought that came to mind is "classic rookie mistake", then the next thought that came to mind was this song:

So here's what happened and why this story is worthy of the "Honor of Dumbassery".

According to Fox News, undrafted NFL rookie Kemah Siverand fought through his college career to make it to the league. Siverand played on both offense and defense at Texas A&M during his freshman and sophomore year then transferred to Oklahoma State as a junior where he played on the special teams and in the cornerback position.

All his hard work paid off and he was signed by the Seattle Seahawks, unfortunately for him, youthful urges are hard to suppress and sometimes we all have made the mistake of thinking with our "bottom brain" and not the top one.

With training camps underway, isolating teams in hotels during this time is standard practice but with the pandemic still ongoing, teams are more diligent than ever before to control the players environments including not allowing guests to visit players.

Mr. Siverand couldn't resist. He was caught on video trying to sneak a woman into the team hotel even going as far as to disguise her in "team gear" in an attempt to pass her off as a "player" on the team.

Classic rookie mistake but a very costly one as now Mr. Sierand is off the team and unemployed. There should have been an old grizzled veteran or coach to tell him that if he was feeling that jammed up, your imagination, cell phone and a few minutes could have have saved him all this trouble.


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