Kanceling Kanye has gone south. As far south as Texas A & M University. Oh yes, Texas A&M Director of Athletics Ross Bjork just announced that the song Power by Ye, will no longer be played at their home football games from here on out.

Wait, I Take That Back

According to KWTX, Ye is walking back his statements in an interview he did with podcast host Lex Fridman, saying his comment was a blunder and apologized to the “Jewish Community.“ I mean, how do you blunder I’m going to "Death Con 3 on Jewish people?“ Asking for a friend.

Flag On The Play?

Several companies and businesses are cutting ties with Mr. Kanye West after his anti-Semitic statements. The list seems to keep getting longer and now includes football teams. Yikes! Peloton, among other brands like Chase Bank and Adidas have also pulled the plug on the "genius" rapper, formerly known as Kanye West.

BJork says that they will now use sound effects, and Aggie Drumline, transitioning to the War Hymn. Now that is definitely a power play Bjork. (No pun intended) Hopefully this decision does not impact the teams energy and morale though.

K-Lews Questions To Ponder

All right folks, is Kanye forcing everyone to choose whether or not to be affiliated with his creations? Or, are these kinds of decisions being brought on by society, politics, and desired optics?

Are other colleges going to jump on the bandwagon by removing, or choosing not to play Ye's music during school associated functions or events?

Is Kanye acting out due to his high intelligence and lack of support from family?

Talk to me. Download our free app. Chime in and send me a message. Let me know your thoughts. K-Lew out!

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Companies Who Have Cut Ties From Kanye West


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